One village, one huge party! Saalbach Hinterglemm. Whoever knows Saalbach will definitely know why we love being here. It is the quantity of unique locations, the mix between the Alps rural charm and the vibrant energy of the rave. From our Open Air Stage on the "village square", the "Mountain Peak", a modified underground car park and the "Central Stage" close to the cosy Saalbach nightclubs, every location is part of the unequaled RaveOnSnow experience.

This unique Setup is encased by the picturesque Saalbach Hinterglemm, the snowbound mountains, more than 200 km of Austria´s best slopes and of course the hottest partycrowd to ever set foot on the Alps!



Is the ticket a ski pass?

No. Ski passes can be purchased individually in Saalbach.

Are all parties located within Saalbach?

Almost all locations are in Saalbach, but the largest location is in Hinterglemm. A shuttle bus takes you back and forth there every 10 minutes.

Where is the box office?

The box office is located at the entry of the mainstage on the village square. It will be opened thursday from 9:00 PM to 03:00 AM, friday and saturday from 5:00 PM to 03:00 AM.

Is it possible to book extra days and what is happening on those?

You can book any number of extra days. Check PRO for infos about the other days.

Do i need seperate tickets for every party?

You need a ticket for all the parties, but once you have a ticket you can go to all locations.

Can minors access the RaveOnSnow?

No. Minors are not allowed to enter the RaveOnSnow. You have to be at least 18.

Does the Schattberg party cost extra?

If it were up to us it wouldnt cost extra, but you have to get up and down the mountain in the lift which costs € 21. If you already have a ski pass you can use it to reach the party.

Are the tickets limited?

Yes they are. For security reasons only a limited number of persons can access the Schattberg party.

Can i snowboard/ski during the RaveOnSnow?

Yes of course. But please remember: "Don't Drink & Ride".

Do I get a better price for the liftpass?

Until december 20th everybody gets special prices.

Do we get wristbands for our e-tickets?

E-tickets can be swapped for wristbands at the village square cashier.



5753 Saalbach-Hinterglemm Österreich

For Bookings:

Glemmtaler Landesstr. 550
A-5753 Saalbach

Tel: +43 6541 6800-205
Fax: +43 6541 6800-39

eMail: raveonsnow{at}




Here you will find all lost and found stuff after the event.